SILK ROAD based in Australia – Shipping from Indonesia

We have sourced hundreds of items for this website from across Asia, the products are all hand made. Statues carved from wood, brass fittings, door handles, hooks, antique reproduction fittings, walking sticks, Dragons, elephants, locks, keys, furniture and many more. Other products include stunning hand made Jewellery, bracelets, all are hand picked made from resin and silver. Hopefully our products will delight and amaze you.


A love lock is a padlock which sweet hearts lock to a bridge, fence, gate, or similar public fixture to symbolize their love. First names or initials are inscribed on the padlock, and its key is thrown away to symbolize unbreakable love. Authentic solid brass padlocks and keys that look just like original antique ones, solid brass keys.


Wood carvings, made from various types woods including pine mahogany and teak, perfect for renovating antiques, display statues and other interesting decor display items.


Ganesha, Buddha, animals, elephants, cats, leopards, dragons, skulls, Buddhas, giraffe, Humpback Whale


Reproduction replicas of old antique handles, pulls, drops, castors, corners, padlocks, keys and many fittings perfect for restoring antiques, boxes, chest of drawers, kitchens. Victorian and Edwardian door knockers, horses, elephants, skulls, lions, Hinges, Hooks


Hand made silver & resin Necklaces rings bracelets, earrings.


Wooden Tables, Side tables, desk chairs bar stools, carved from solid wood hand made.
Large cane Peacock Chairs and side tables and foot stools.


Large hand painted Paintings in all done from recognized artist in and around Indonesia.


Coke bottle openers, ship openers.


Wooden walking sticks with Elephant, eagles, lion, skull, horse, dragon carved on top.


Feathered War bonnets or headdress were worn by honored Plains Indian men. They were sometimes worn into battle, or worn for ceremonial occasions. They are seen as items of great spiritual and magical importance. The eagle is considered by Plains tribes as the greatest and most powerful of all birds, and the finest bonnets are made out of its feathers.


Storytellers speak of the Spider Woman, known as Asibikaashi; she took care of the children and the people on the land. It was difficult for Asibikaashi to reach all the children. So the mothers and grandmothers would weave magical webs for the children, using willow hoops and sinew, or cordage made from plants. The web of the dream catchers would catch all bad dreams and drop out the bottom and only allow good thoughts and dreams enter our mind. Once the sun rises, all bad dreams disappear.


Solid heavy Hooks perfect for hall stands doorways halls furniture antiques.


The Silk Road, was a series of trade routes across Asia. It connected the West to East by linking traders, merchants, pilgrims, monks, soldiers, nomads, from China to the Mediterranean Sea during various periods of time in history.

Extending 4,000 miles (6,437 kilometers), the Silk Road derives its name from the lucrative trade in Chinese silk. Although silk was the major trade item from China, many other goods were traded, as well as various technologies religions, and philosophies. The Chinese took great interest in the safety of this pathway of products and extended the Great Wall of China to protect the traders.